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What we do

At Best Life Abroad, we excel in collaborating with colleges and universities to leverage their networks and expertise, empowering them to create unmatched global, educational, and career pathways for students. With our dynamic keynote speaking events, immersive workshops, and empowering seminars, let's ignite inspiration, foster growth, and spark change together.

WISE Presenting Pic.png
WISE Presenting Pic.png
Keynote Speaking Events
Global Opportunities: Unlocking Success in an Interconnected World

This dynamic keynote presentation is designed to inspire and educate students, faculty, and staff about the importance and impact of global opportunities. Through engaging storytelling and insightful analysis, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of global experiences in education and career development. Topics covered include:

    • The value of cross-cultural competency in today's globalized workforce

    • How international experiences enhance personal growth and professional skills

    • Strategies for leveraging global opportunities to enhance academic and career success

    • Real-world examples of individuals who have transformed their lives through global experiences

Bring this keynote to your campus and ignite a passion for global exploration among your students, faculty, and staff!

Empowering Students for
Global Career Success

Option A: Student Workshop

This interactive workshop is designed to equip students with the skills and strategies they need to leverage their skills and networks for finding or creating global career opportunities. Participants will learn practical techniques for identifying and pursuing international internships, study abroad programs, and cross-cultural job opportunities. Key topics include:

    • Identifying transferable skills and strengths for the global job market

    • Networking strategies for building connections in international industries

    • Crafting a compelling global resume and cover letter

    • Navigating cultural differences and adapting to new work environments


Option B: Staff and Faculty Train-the-Trainer Workshop

This workshop is tailored for administrators and educators who want to enhance their ability to support students in pursuing global career opportunities. Participants will gain valuable tools and resources for developing, enhancing, or establishing career partnerships with global organizations. Key topics include:

    • Strategies for integrating global career development into existing global programs

    • Building relationships with international employers and industry partners

    • Providing effective career advising and mentorship for students interested in global careers

    • Creating inclusive and accessible resources for historically marginalized and underrepresented students

Empower your students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in today's global job market!

Audience at Lecture
Students in Cafeteria
Students in Cafeteria
Amplifying Underrepresented Voices in Global Ed

This specialized seminar is designed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by historically marginalized and underrepresented students in accessing global education opportunities. Through candid discussions and empowering narratives, participants will explore how global experiences can improve their career, financial, and life trajectories. Key topics include:

    • Overcoming barriers to accessing global education opportunities

    • Exploring the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status in global education

    • Cultivating resilience and self-advocacy skills for navigating international experiences

    • Leveraging global networks and resources for personal and professional growth

Empower historically marginalized and underrepresented students to embrace their global potential and chart a path to success on their own terms!

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